Saturday, 11 June 2016

Lightweight and Portable Gaming Board?

I spotted these in Halfords (UK car parts shop) the other day and thought they might be feasible to use as a lightweight gaming board. Weighing in at just over 2kg and costing £10 I thought it was worth investigation. As you can see from the wrapper, they fit together to make a 6x4 board. My dining table is 5x3, which is fine for skirmish games like Saga, but can feel a bit cramped for Warhammer, even Dragon Rampant. So I was hoping that it would provide a cheap solution. I could either use it straight from the pack as a table extension, draping a cloth over it, or add some texture and paint.

Opening up the pack, there was a fairly strong chemical smell - there is a little card in there suggesting they are opened in a well ventilated room and left for 24 hours. I pieced them together and was surprised how snugly they fit together. However, they are very light and would be unsuitable for use on a small dining table, the overhanging areas would not be rigid enough, I doubt they would hold the weight of a metal regiment. I will probably put them to use in my garage, laying them on a large table (table tennis size). It remains to be seen how well they take pva glue, texture (sand, gravel, etc) and paint - that's an experiment for later in the month I think.

In place on the dining room table

Interlocks well, but not colour matched if that matters to you

Tile reverse, maybe useful in a sci fi setting?


Beasts of Nurgle said...

Looks promising! Might have to try this myself!

Matt Crump said...

Gaming on the beach ?

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