Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Return to Rohan

After the long, slow slog with the recently painted Warhammer dwarfs, I wanted a change of pace - something that would be quick to paint. I have always found the Lord of the Rings range fall into this category, so I delved into my pile of unpainted minis and found some nice candidates. Five Riders of Rohan fit the bill perfectly - just enough to make up a useful number on the battelfield, but not too many to be a daunting task.

I have already made a start and painted the horses, the riders are still to be done. There are a couple of character models in here - Eomer centre front and the banner bearer. Eomer will lead the force into battle, while the banner bearer is a useful figure to mark out a unit as something different from the normal troops - a unit of Royal Guard. When finished these will join my already painted Riders of Rohan to make up two or even three units, depending on which game system they are used in. I also have some foot troops lined up, with a couple of metal characters similar to above, including a rather interesting recent ebay acquisition.

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Matt Crump said...

Secret eBay purchases ?😜

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