Saturday, 9 April 2016

Saxon Miniatures Warband Deal

Saxon Miniatures have a spring deal promotion running. Two warbands, one viking and one Anglo-Dane, for £60. This is a 10% saving on the usual warband deal, and there's a free set of shield transfers too. Check out the deal here, but be aware it's for a limited period only.

This would be an ideal purchase for anyone who has been wanting to try Saga, as each warband is a four paint starter force for that game - one warlord, two hearthguard units and two warrior units. I am splitting the deal with a mate, I already have quite a few vikings so I will be taking the Anglo-Danes, which can also double as Saxons. They will replace my (frankly) awful plastic Wargames Factory troops which I bought when taking my first tentative steps in the game. I also have an idea for a fantasy style game, pitching the Anglo-Danes against my undead dark age warriors, probably using Dragon Rampant rules, or possibly Fantastic Saga. But that's leaping ahead, first I have to get them painted up - and I am determined to get them ready sooner rather than later. They have to join in a packed schedule alongside Dwarfs, Orks and my secret Steampunk project - it's a good job the days are getting longer.

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