Wednesday 13 April 2016

More Dwarfs on the way

The dwarfs are slowly, implacably, marching forwards. With the rangers finished and the troll slayers well under way, I wanted to put together the next unit. Originally, I was going to stick with my old method of building core units first, but there's no real need to do that now. Another big obstacle on core troops - I just cannot find any that I particularly like, so will have to kitbash some. That requires a lot more planning and a lot more effort, I wanted something that would be easy to get together and quick to complete. Then I saw the trailer video for the Irondrakes on the Total Warhammer page and my mind was made up for me.

The regiment is at a very early stage in the above photo. Base coated with car spray (!), washed and then drybrushed, for a lovely shiney armour look. The detail on these figures is very impressive, the scrolls and runes on the armour and the chainmail is really well done. What you cannot see, unless you hold them in your hand, is the very fine filigree design on the plate armour. Lovely stuff, and on flat plastic models that some hate so much! It's a shame there's not much variety in the posing, but I suppose there are not that many ways to fire a gun that weighs as much as a small cannon. There's twelve figures in the unit to make them playable in Dragon Rampant - a couple of unit fillers at the back that will double as extra characters or terrain in other games. When they are finished they will look something like this artwork, though not quite as dull - I want the enemy to be dazzled as well as frazzled.

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