Thursday 31 March 2016

More desert terrain

A little more scatter terrain added to my collection. The trees are made from garden cuttings - ivy makes great gnarled and twisted trunks. The foliage is horse hair, sprinkled with flock, though I might revisit this step to add more. There's nothing painted here, just the bases. I liked the natural look of the twigs so decided not to add anything to it.

The rocks are even simpler to make. Collect rocks, glue to base, paint base, done. Interesting looking rocks are essential here, again unpainted because I liked the natural tones of the real thing. The plants are also natural, some kind of lichen I think - I find it lying around on the floor of the forest after a storm, presumably it is blown from the tree bark. I mixed up some dilute pva, sprayed the lichen - this stiffens them up and hopefully will preserve them for some time. If they do rot away, there's always more post storm walks to be taken. The grass tufts are Gamer Grass, I posted a review a while back.

The desert terrain collection is coming along nicely now. There are ruined buildings, a crashed ship and some craters. Then these new pieces add a more natural element. Next up I will attempt some hills and rock formations to give some substantial cover and the interest to a battlefield that height always brings. Maybe a few more trees and bushes to round things off.

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