Monday, 28 March 2016

Dwarf Slayer Trio

The first of the dwarf slayers painted. These are a mix of old metals - a dragon slayer, a Marauder troll slayer and a Blood Bowl troll slayer. This last one is probably my favourite, though he seems to have lost his axe, which is probably why he looks so angry.

I was hoping to have the whole unit done by month end, but when it became obvious that was not going to happen I concentrated on these three, partly to experiment on hair colours. I had said that I would not go for the usual orange dye, but it just seems to work really well on them. It's some kind of fluff conditioning! The stripey trousers look good, but you have to really examine the figures to see them. The beards and hair are really exaggerated and it leaves little room for anything else - some tattoos would be good but I think they would just get lost in the overall scheme. I am calling these done and moving on to the rest of the unit.


Verbil Gerbil said...

They look great, glad you're happy with the orange it looks awsome - looking forward to the rest of the unit.

Ana Polanscak said...

Fantastic job on the trio! They look great as they are. I think tattoos would make them too busy.

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