Sunday, 16 August 2015

Lotus, Rose and Jade

Malifaux Oiran
The first three members of the shadowy Silver Serpent Society are finally painted and ready for action. The final member of the triad is Lotus, with her deadly bladed fans - the design is meant to represent cherry blossom, if you google Japanese fan you will see this is a common motif. They have been a real challenge to paint, so many tiny features, though I enjoyed the vibrant palette as a change from my usual earthy, realistic approach. I will most likely go back and repaint the bases as I am unhappy with them.  The three figures make up the Malifaux box set, the Oiran. For my own purposes they will be used in games of IHMN, as the more basic foot troops of the Serpent. Being martial artists, with silk robes and throwing blades, I reckon they will be quite a handful. These ladies have been on the slow boat from China, at an average of less than one completed per month, hopefully the next few will be a little quicker.

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