Saturday, 1 August 2015

Age of Sigmar Khorne Warriors Review

I decided that the chaos half of the Age of Sigmar boxset would make a nice addition to my chaos warriors army. Once the boxset arrived, I put together the warriors first. Cleaning the mould lines was quite time consuming, getting the knife blade round all those many spikey bits! Assembly was straight forward for the most part, the instruction booklet is comprehensive. I would advise dry fitting every component before you apply glue, not just the ones suggested in the pamphlet. One or two of the assemblies are almost as challenging as Rubik's Cube.

I wanted to stick with square bases to fit in with my existing army, so was keen to see how they looked. In skirmish formation there's no problem whatsoever, but if you want them to rank up like this care should be exercised in how you fix them to the bases. These are temporarily attached as a test, to standard GW plastic bases (although no longer standard I guess). As you can see it is possible to have them in close formation, you might have to put a rock or two in place to make ranking easier.

Finally, how do the new figures compare with existing chaos warriors? This photo shows the newcomer among some of my collection, they match particularly well with the existing plastic chaos warriors. The red armoured warrior is raised slightly by a magnetic strip. The odd one out here is the figure on the right, that's an Avatars of War corrupter. He's a little smaller than the others (compounded by his shorter base), but I will happily mix all these into one army.


benvoliothefirst said...

That comparison shot looks awesome. What a difference between generations!

These models look gorgeous on square bases. Can't wait to see more of this!

Frank Stürmer said...

I am really glad you went that obvious way of putting them on the "right" bases. I actually hadn't intended to start my Age of Sigmar-lamentations here in your comment section, but, well... Your Website is ohne of the rare warhammer websites dedicated to Warriors of Chaos that shows the way of thought when it comes to all the aspects of this hobby I love so dearly. Please keep up the way you're following! Great work!
P.S.: Not to criticise, but to put out the idea: the corrupters of the Apocalypse don't look weird if you just insert some 1.5 or 2 mm plasticard hip addition between torso and legs, a rather painless operation for both the chaos warrior and the modeller. Gives them just the missing height I reckon.

Old Fogey said...

Frank, thanks for your comments. The hobby does have so many sides, I particularly enjoy collecting, painting and scenery projects, and gaming too. Good idea on the apocalypse warriors I will give that a try.

Anonymous said...

I'm several months late to the party but, do you paint armor and metal weapons with the same glazing approach you use for flesh? I've been moving towards glazes for speed reasons but I've yet to get deep colors out of them, so I'd be a bit reluctant to tackle metals and full reds this way.

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