Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lots of Waffle

verb  BRITISH  speak or write at length in a vague or trivial manner. "he waffled on about his problem"

synonyms: prattle, chatter, babble, ramble, jabber, gibber, gabble, gab, burble, flannel, run on, mutter, mumble, prate, drivel, bleat, cackle

Obviously I have lifted this definition straight from the web, to introduce the concept of waffle to non-British readers. It's the art of speaking (or in our case, writing) at length on a subject, to my mind usually a trivial subject. I have to say I would disagree with some of those synonyms - muttering, mumbling and cackling are nothing like a good old waffle. Personally I prefer the term "musing", it makes it sound more weighty, more considered, more intellectual. And what could be a more weighty issue than deciding what to do in the next month or two?

With the Lion Rampant project coming into the home straight, I have been pondering my next step. There is plenty of undiscovered territory to explore in the vast reaches of the Unpainted Hills, but recently I had mislaid my map and was unsure of the way forward. I even contemplated taking a few weeks off, my commission work is pretty busy at the moment and my brushes (and eyes) are beginning to wear out. But then I noticed that the Lead Adventure Forum Lead Painting League is starting up again at the end of the month. If you don't want to read those lengthy (waffly) rules, the basic idea is that you paint up a team of at least five figures, one per week, for ten weeks. Perfect!

So that's what I will be doing in the next couple of months. Some of the teams I will source from my own collection, some from my commission work. That should give me a good variety of entries to a high standard. With this in mind I have taken a stroll through the foothills and came across these Saxons. The chap on the left was a xmas gift from gaming buddy Matt, it's a Gripping Beast Saxon Warlord. The others are an interesting looking bunch I picked up at Vapnartak, for the princely sum of £1. I don't know which manufacturers they are, but I like the differences in heights, it should add some character to my plastic clones. I thought they would make a very nice set of command figures. 

I will also be entering some of Wars of the Roses retinue for Lion Rampant, the last unit of billmen and the men at arms. These should be finished in the next couple of weeks, but I won't be able to publish photos of them until they have appeared on the Lead Adventure Forum. Sorry Lion Rampant fans. It's not much consoaltion, but here's a photo ripped off the calendar just this morning. It's Eilean Donan castle in Scotland, a lovely landmark, but the main interest for me is the colours of the ground. If I ever get round to building myself a gaming board, these colours will feature in some way. That's enough waffle for now, but more to come throughout the month. 

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