Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Blood Rage Takes Giant Strides

The finest giant in the miniatures world?
With less than two days gone, the Blood Rage kickstarter has already passed the quarter million dollars mark. A series of stretch goals have been unlocked, most significant for me are the extra poses for the viking grunts and a couple of the added monsters. There are now 12 different viking sculpts and about the same number in monsters and enemies, a total of around 50 lovely figures to look forward to. The mountain giant is the current stretch goal, this being the resin master rather than the actual production figure that gamers will receive. I was impressed by the initial sculpts in the game, this just makes it even better. This is a kickstarter exclusive, so if you want this particular beauty you will have to pledge.

Another "lovely" troll
Another figure that has been unlocked is the mystic troll. I really liked the original troll sculpt, it was a big factor in me pledging, this extra troll (another kickstarter exclusive) takes it to another level. I am really, really pleased with these figures. From the sublime to the ridiculous, there are also a number of gaming tokens added to the game which are a bit more, um, how can I put this kindly, basic in their design. As gaming pieces they are perfectly adequate and probably better than card discs, but next to these sculpts they do look a little out of place. I am not complaining, they seem like odd stretch goals unlikely to pull in backers, but I am no expert. The number of backers would seem to suggest that they know what they are doing in attracting punters. I would expect the gains made to slow right down now that the initial rush has occurred, but I am looking forward to the unveiling of any new miniatures.

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