Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lion Sejant

Sejant : Sitting
Painting on the second unit for my Lion Rampant retinue is well under way. I have got through the very tedious stage of painting the base colours and am now at the far more interesting glazing and shading phase. It's here that the figures really start to come alive. In the background, you can see that I have also assembled and base coated the third unit, fully armoured men at arms. These will be so simple to paint that I may well include them in this month's work. That will officially put me one month ahead in Tale4Nerds, which is just as well as I am already wanting them finished and out of the way so I can get started on my next project. That's what happens when you visit a show!

I have also had a gaming report from one of the more eager nerds. They have already had a few games (with unpainted figures!) and have given generally positive feedback. You can find the full report here in the wargaming dungeon. It's a simple ruleset and they managed to get three games in one night, though part of the reason for the rapidity was the continual failing to activate key units. I am not a fan of systems that allow a player to completely miss a turn due to a failed activation roll. Yes, the averages will even out. And yes, it will not happen too often. But it just seems wrong to me, that a player can potentially miss one (or more) turns and spend much of the game spectating as his opponent happily carries on. I am not jumping to conclusions, but already feel that we might need to house rule away such frustrations.

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Matt Crump said...

I like the armoured figures at the back they almost look painted already !

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