Thursday, 19 February 2015

Lion Salient

Lion Salient :  Springing
In a surprise move, I have painted the bidowers, which is medieval speak for skirmishing archers. Presumably, they are all bowmen who have lost their wives.*

As I mentioned last time, a couple of these are imposters - they are wargames factory rather than the usual Perry Miniatures. I don't think they are too jarring an addition. The whole unit has slightly more grassy stuff on the bases, to suggest they are sneaking around in long grass. It works for me! The bidowers wear more rustic clothing, to suggest they are likely hunters or maybe just peasants with bows. They are also more dynamically posed, to emphasise their more mobile nature. As a contrast, I have also re-photographed the more static archers. Together, these two units comprise the shooting element of my retinue. I will probably field the bidowers on a regular basis - gaining six extra bodies seems like a good idea, it will be interesting to see if losing the expert upgrade on a unit of foot sergeants makes much difference.

The whole shooting match

*Joke, or maybe a pun. Bowmen who are widowers ie bidowers. Who writes this stuff?


Matt Crump said...

Think the wargames factory guys look fine with perry heads and arms. Blend in fine.

nobby said...

Well, I appreciated the pun once I'd seen the explanation! :0)

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