Sunday, 21 September 2014

Dwarf Rangers

The first set of dwarfs from my Lord of the Rings collection, ready for tabletop action. These are fine figures for the most part, I like the aesthetic probably more than their Warhammer cousins, though being one piece plastics there is the element of duplication and sometimes the details merge into one. But all in all, I would rank these highly in my collection. The photos below show them arranged in eights, as per the War of the Ring rules, though I am hoping to use them in Saga and other skirmish rulesets too.

The colour scheme came about in two ways. Firstly, they were sprayed brown and washed, I wanted to speed through the leather bits without too much actual painting. The kilts were a bit of whim on my part after a visit to Scotland, I had a hankering to paint up some tartan! I'm sure it will not be to all tastes, but I like them. With those two elements in place the rest of the palette just slotted into place.

I drew up a full set of step by step instructions on the painting, it will be useful to me in the future if nobody else. They can be found here - Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4.

These rangers are just the first wave of my dwarf force. I have more armoured warriors waiting to be prepped and painted, maybe even in the next few weeks.


Killshot Productions said...

They look terrific and the step-by-step guide was very helpful.

Felix Jego said...

They are amazing ! The bases too ! Man i love your painting style !

Sam Cooper said...

Awesome, Ive been looking for some kilt inspiration for my own Rangers; these are by far the best I've seen! Great job.

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