Friday, 5 September 2014

Avatars of War Orc WIP 3

Another 90 minute session on the orc, working mainly on shading the skin and adding in a few more base colours so I can get a good idea of the overall composition.

More shading of the skin
Much of the work I did is not visible in the photo, I was working on the areas of the skin that are mostly in the shade. If you imagine the light shining above his head, coming from the direction of the axe, then the skin where less light falls would be his back and the other side of his arm. I also added shading in the underside of his outstretched arm and on areas joining pelts, straps, etc.

The shade colour I mixed by adding two different shades to the mid tone base, which if you remember was Vallejo Camouflage Green. The shade colours were Coat d'arms Rust and Privateer Press Coal Black. The Rust added to the green gave a nice dark green, while the Coal Black added in gave almost a purple shade.

I also picked out the fur skin loincloth in Coat d'arms Beige Brown, then shaded it with Army Painter soft tone wash. This is the first time I have used these washes, this figure is becoming a real testbed of new techniques and materials! Finally in this session I painted the axe head, with a khaki colour, before shading with some of the colours remaining for the skin shading, then highlighting with a light grey.

That's it for this week on the orc, there will be a short break while I take a trip north of the border to Scotland for a few days. I won't be taking my paints, but I will take a few books to read and some plastic sprues to cut, clean and glue. Holidays are better if they include an hour of hobbying each day.

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