Monday, 21 April 2014

Free White Dwarf

I have piles! It's a serious problem, but you can help. This is my pile of old White Dwarfs, stuck in a couple of boxes in the loft for years. I am downsizing my collection so am giving them away to anybody who wants one.  There's a list over on the right, just let me know which you want, I can let you have a maximum of three copies to keep it fair  - first come, first served. Please don't ask me to list what each issue includes, you can google that. I can't afford to pay postage on them, you will have to do that, but it's your chance to fill any gaps in your collection, or have a look at how it used to be. Just leave me a message with your email in and we can take it from there - I will switch over to moderated messages so your details are not displayed in the comments.

Postage for a 2nd class small parcel will be about £3.50. That covers 3 copies of the magazine, in the UK only. The cost for overseas is probably too prohibitive, but if you are really insistent I will give you a no-obligation quote.

It's a limited time offer, the next recycle collection date is middle of May, so grab them before then or they will be turned into cardboard boxes. I am pretty sure I have another pile somewhere, earlier copies than these, but they will have to wait until my next trip up into the loft.


redmanphill said...

I was going to do the same with my collection. Good luck shifting them

Old Fogey said...

I suspect most (or all) of them will still be here in a couple of weeks. It seems a shame to recycle them, I might just hand them in to the charity shop, they might make a few quid.

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