Thursday, 24 April 2014

Corrupters of the Apocalypse

Corrupters of the Apocalypse by Avatars of War. I guess most people will buy and use these as Nurgle chaos warriors. They sure look the part more than the standard models. I was intending on building an army with no particular game system or background fluff in mind, just a couple of boxes of these models and a few other plastic bits and other stuff from my pile of unpainted models. I started painting and wanted to avoid the usual green armour, but somehow found myself glazing in greens, browns and yellows. When I came to paint the robes I stumbled a little, knowing that a reddy orange would detract from any gore, but I had never intended gore to be a key feature.

The bases are fairly minimal, I have used cork to build up a couple the models, it helps when ranking up models with great weapons. The grass tufts are bits of coconut shell, there's a very tough grassy stuff on them that is useful for terrain purposes. There's also a spindly tree built from an old root. I wanted the bases to look like a barren, blasted wasteland, but I fear they just look a little bland at the moment.

I have a second unit of corrupters built, armed with hand weapon and shield. For this next unit I am going to go for a much darker armour colour, a deep grey, almost black. I think it should work well. If the two units side by side look mismatched, I can always change the bases to snow  on one of them and add the unit to my chaos warriors army. I was trying to avoid the usual cliche for green armoured Nurgle but seem to have fallen at the first hurdle. Ah well, there's three more units to paint up, plenty of opportunity for further experimentation and adaptation.

If you are sat on the fence about these models, here's a couple more close ups to help you decide. They require a little more effort to prepare and build than GW models, but I think they are worth it. They retail at a good price too, so I heartily recommend them.


1_Epsilon_1 said...

Hi mate.
Which is the receipt of that wonderful colours? I'm looking forward to knowing it.

Thanks! And congratulations for that amazing unit :D

Nord said...

No recipe sorry. I didn't write anything down as I don't intend to repeat the look across regiments, they will all be different. It's mostly glazing with green, brown, purple.

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