Monday, 27 January 2014


A regiment of 36 skeletons, painted and based. These are mostly mantic figures, with a few GW bits here and there, head and shield swaps for a little variety. I managed to paint them quite quickly, around two weeks over several sessions of one to two hours each. As usual, I stuck to thinned colours over a white primer, with glazes and washes doing most of the work for me.

The shields and armour are black, with plenty of wear and rust. The shield design is from the Bretonnian transfer sheet, but I only had 20 to cover 30+ shields, so the most battered got a very crudely painted mock design, which was heavily weathered to cover the differences.

This regiment has been a long time coming. When I started the army about two years ago I wanted the skeletons to be the first unit I painted, but I had a mental block on how to go about it. It was painting the grave guard unit in the style of Skyrim draugr that suggested the way forward with the skeletons. The black armour idea was a happy accident, suggested by a painting competition on the Warhammer forum - this unit will be led into battle by a black armoured vampire. The shields were simply the best fit from a spare transfer sheet. Serendipitous skeletons!

The figures are mounted on 2mm mdf bases from warbases. These are mostly 6x4, but there are also a couple of 4x4 and another four singles at the back, which will allow me to remove casualties and slot in heroes in the front rank if required.

Finally, here's an almost-a-horde shot, ranked up nine wide.


Craig Welter said...

Those look great! They really blow mine out of the water. Any chance you'll do a step-by-step guide to your painting process?

Nord said...

No guide for these I'm afraid as they are finished! I have posted several guides on the blog, if you look at those you will get a good idea on how I go about it. Hope that is useful.

And apologies to the first two comment posters, I accidentally deleted your comments instead of publishing them! Silly me. So I have turned off comment moderation, it's now a free-for-all.

demi_morgana said...

Oh well, I just gotta live with that... ;)

Nord said...

Yeah, sorry about that demi_morgana, your comment was that you almost wished you had stuck with WHFB. I have spent two years painting this army to this stage, but I have only gamed with it twice. I am one of those strange people who spends hours and weeks and months painting armies, just to put them in a cabinet and play with them once a year. A painter? A hobbyist? An idiot?

demi_morgana said...

Call it whatever you want:
there are (at least) two ov us ^^

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