Thursday, 16 January 2014

Avatars of War Army Standard Bearer

Avatars of War have finally released a picture of the limited edition army standard bearer, available only to backers of the indiegogo project from the summer of 2012. This was the one item I pledged for. I really liked the concepts and the sculpts at the time but was short of money and could only stump up enough cash for this one figure. I wanted to support more, thinking that I could replace my existing dwarf army, or parts of it at any rate. However, the rate of progress on the army has been slow, eighteen months in and there have been releases for about half of the promised set. So in the end I am glad I restricted myself to this one contribution.

The model itself looks good, I really like the dwarf holding the banner. The massive four flags on a stick thing is not really my kind of thing, I will definitely go for a set up like that top left. That will leave me with a spare double banner for conversion purposes, probably use that on my hammerers or maybe dwarf throne, when I eventually get round to them. A nice bit of news to help cheer away the winter blues.

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