Sunday, 1 December 2013

Vikings WIP 1

The first day of the month of the vikings! The prep work on the first half of the warband is now done. I really don't understand why gamers prefer metals, removing the mould lines with files is far more tedious than scraping away plastic models with a knife. There's very little opportunity to repose too. I had major problems with the hands on these figures, they are more hooks or claws and just would not grip the weapons properly (and don't get me started on those bendy spears). In the end, I chopped a few hands off and replaced them with plastic bits from my Saxon thegns box, to finally achieve a reasonable pose. They are based on pennies (which are usefully magnetic) and then a couple of layers of a sand and glue  mix applied to hide the tabs.

Now that they are at this stage I do appreciate the heft of the model in hand, much nicer than a plastic figure. On balance, I prefer the ease and flexibility of assembly that plastics give, but I can understand why some gamers prefer the old metals.


Jaeckel said...

Hmmm... question. If you're not totally satisfied with the sculpting job, why didn't you try Wargames Foundry miniatures? Their vikings seem great (I've received one for free, and it's flawless)

Old Fogey said...

I quite like Foundry, but they are rather large and a little more fantasy style. I want to keep these figures more down to earth, more true to life. Warhammer figures give me that larger than life, heroic feel. For my Saga collection I wanted to keep them more in scale. They will be used mostly against other GB figures and I have another project in mind which requires them to stay closer to true 25mm.

Laughing Ferret said...

I'm in the 'prefers plastic' camp, so i can relate. I think some people still think of plastic in terms of the multi-race combo box Citadel put out in the late 80's. Plastic can be every bit (or more) crisply detailed as metal now, and I love to convert & re-pose.

The sculpts look good. I have to get back to my Saga projects.

And you're lucky your pennies are magnetic, no such luck here.

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