Saturday, 21 December 2013

Vikings sighted

This is the first two points of my Saga vikings warband, fully painted. I stuck to a desaturated palette for the clothing, hoping that the shields bring them alive. Those on the left are the bondi, the basic troops available to the warlord. They are armed with spears and shields for the most part, with little or no armour. The four figures on the right are the hirdmen, the warlord's best fighting troops, with armour, swords and helmets and better decorated shields.

All the shields are freehand designs, from simple quarters to stylised birds, serpents and a quite ambitious knotted dragon (second from right). While this approach is more time-consuming than transfers, I do get a little "decal fatigue" when browsing images on the web and wanted to have a unique look to my own warband. They are not quite as polished as they could be, but for wargaming figures they are good enough.


PsychosisPC said...

They look good. Nice work on the shields.

Decals have a place sometimes, on my WAB army I did just the front two ranks and painted the back ranks to look similar to the decals. Was a huge times saver when having to paint 100+ Vikings and the Little Big Men decals are pretty awesome looking.

Old Fogey said...

Yep, decals add some impact to historical minis, which IMO lag quite some way behind fantasy figures. The intricate designs I would buy if they were available in one pack, but they seem to come packaged with simple quarter designs, which are pretty easy to do. I can't imagine painting 100 vikings, glad I made the switch from mass battle systems to skirmish.

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