Monday, 16 September 2013

The Russian Alternative Miniatures

I am always on the look out for alternative minis for my Warhammer collection, the official figures are increasingly out of my price range and lacking in the detail and aesthetic that others can provide. A good example is this very striking vampire lord from The Russian Alternative ebay store. It's a lovely looking figure, with detachable wings and an alternative head. The price is a very reasonable $12.50, which at current exchange rates is about £8. Shipping adds a further $7, so a total price of around £12 for UK customers. That's comparable with most of the quality ranges these days, which in my book contains Avatars of War, Mierce Miniatures, some GW stuff (if you can find the old metal figures) and some of the more exclusive boutique figures like Enigma and Studio McVey.

There is the option to buy several figures from the ebay store and thus save on postage. I was impressed by most of the range, but these other two sculpts caught my eye. The chaos figure would perhaps give me the impetus to finally bring my years-old Tzeentch warrior collection into line with my more recent warriors force - rebasing would be required but I am considering doing this anyway. The dwarf would be purely a painting project, I have not played the dwarf army for about two years.

All images are used without permission, but I hope the owner does not mind (in the highly unlikely event that he knows about my blog)!

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PsychosisPC said...

Yea I just purchased the chaos marauder looking command models. Super nice looking models.

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