Friday, 30 August 2013

Mordor Orc Banner

I have a real mental block when it comes to banners. My freehand skills leave a lot to be desired, so I nearly always put off finishing them. This orc has been standing around on my painting to do list for about six months. I finally plucked up the courage today, googled a few designs, adpated one and took the plunge. It turned out okay in the end, but I still feel pretty inadequate in this area.

The good thing is that I can now cross another item off my 2013 painted list - it's over on the left of the screen if you have never noticed it before. I find keeping a list like this quite a decent motivational technique. I add an item to the list when it's prepped and primed, then cross it off when it's fully finished and photographed. In theory, the shame of having several half-finished items on the list forces me to complete them. And it works too, I hate seeing something lingering on the list for too long. I have got steadily better in the past three years at finishing half-painted items.


Don Hans said...

Really nice banner. Great feel to it /Hans

redmanphill said...

The banner looks fine. I have absolutely no freehand skills at all but doing the shields for SAGA helpde and I was really inspired by your Saxon Wwarlords shield. Infact I copied it as far as possible on one of my vikings.

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