Friday, 28 June 2013

The Old Forest

I have had a small collection of trees lying in a box for about six or seven years, picked up at a Gamesday event. Back then, one of the attractions was that they ran scenery workshops and you could take home the fruits of your labour. I received a good number of these trees, hot-glued to cork bases and with copious amount of flock added (most of which scattered all over the coach on the trip back).

After a few sessions the cork warped and was disposed of, the loose trees were thrown into a box and added to my to-do list. Since I play most of my games at a friend's house, with all scenery provided by him, they have been low priority for a long time. But this week they went up the list and I had a spare day so I got to work.

The trees have been hot-glued to bases made from plastic templates. The elongated bases were cut from teardrop templates. Then I added a mix of sand and small stones using pva glue. When these were dry, I used cheap craft paint to quickly dry brush the bases and some of the more visible trunks. Finally I sprinkled on a mix of green and brown flocks. It does look more like finely groomed parkland than a wild forest, but it's fine for two or three hours of effort.


Phil said...

Nicely done!

Stygianheart said...

My old trees are suffering a fate similar to the ones yours were.
They were some of my first pieces of scenery from way back when and the cardboard bases warped, so they have been sat in a box for several years now waiting patiently for reviving.
I really should do some little projects like this to save some of my older terrain pieces.

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