Monday, 24 June 2013

Morannon Orcs

Unlucky for some, thirteen of Sauron's finest warriors added to the orc army. There are twelve plastics plus a metal captain (centre front) here, all courtesy of ebay.  With an extra point of strength and armour, these scum are head and shoulders above the usual Mordor orcs, both in ability and height. To further differentiate them, I have painted a basic eye design on the shields.

The Mordor army now comprises three captains, one of which is a Gothmog model, 30 orcs (including a standard bearer) and 12 Morannon orcs, plus a troll. Using the leaders as basic (non-character) models, the army is a shade over 500 points. That's probably the quickest army I have ever collected and painted, just under two months since I started the first unit, though admittedly the troll and Gothmog were painted some years ago. I think this is one reason I enjoy skirmish gaming so much, completion of forces is more achievable than huge armies.

There are more Mordor troops in my pile of unpainted figures, including some fast moving wolf riders which are probably the most needed element of the army. I am hoping to blast through them at a similar rapid pace. I can then turn to painting up a good force. A few years back I painted a dozen Gondor troops and they were really quick to do, but I find them visually tedious. I have some Rohan troops waiting for attention, but also have a fancy to collect some dwarfs. Bearded good guys on the way, for sure!


Laughing Ferret said...

Nice orcs, good gritty atmosphere.

I have to get back to LotR someday.. have a dwarf ranger force to paint, Easterlings, & Rohan to finish. oh- and uruk scouting force to complete too. I know what you mean about Gondorians- I was tempted to do a 2nd age force, but the 3rd age miniatures don't appeal to me as much.

Old Fogey said...

Thanks. I love the lotr range, it has rapidly become one of my favourite ranges of all time. I don't quite understand why wait, this would make a good article in itself. Stay tuned!

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