Sunday 5 May 2013

More Mordor Orcs

The Mordor army is starting to shape up nicely. I have added another 15 "speed painted" orcs, making 27 in total. These orcs I painted over several sessions rather than all in one day like the first batch, but still they were reasonably quick to do. So now I have a decent sized mob of orc rabble, ready for gaming.

The captain and standard bearer are metal figures that I had in my lead mountain, I can't even remember why I bought them, they may have been a present for some long forgotten birthday. I have often thought that I should throw them up on ebay, but I am glad to have kept hold of them now. They add a little variety to the plastic masses. Speaking of which, I managed to pick up the plastics on ebay and the Warhammer forum at a very tasty price. I got 60 orcs and 24 haradrim for the paltry figure of £15. When I add in my previously painted figures of a troll and Gothmog, it seems like a very cheap and quick-to-get-on-the-battlefield army.

The next step is to get this lot totalled up and then work out what I need to add to bring it up to 500 points, this being a nice size to play on a 4x4 board in a relaxed two hour session. I could add more orcs of course, but I would like to give myself a little variety with some wargs or maybe allies of some kind. Whatever I can find at a bargain price will do.

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