Sunday, 12 May 2013

Daemon Prince nearly done

The daemon prince of Slaanesh is almost finished. I am pretty happy with the palette, though black horns on the head may well have been a better choice, something I might change when I come to finish it off. I am wondering what to do with the base, the current brown sandy effect was just a stop gap so I could appraise the model on a neutral backdrop. The fallen elven ruin was my first idea, with lush grass and white and lilac flowers. I thought this would make a change from the usual lava/brimstone most seem to go for, plus there is a little fluff about Slaanesh daemons being particularly fond of elven souls. However, I am thinking of making changes to my gaming surface, so will probably test out my ideas on the daemon bases. I need to research my options a little before taking the plunge.

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