Friday, 1 February 2013

Blind Date from Hell

Anyone remember that awful Saturday night TV show, Blind Date? The contestant had a screen hiding the three possible dates, he or she would ask three questions and the three potential dates gave an obviously rehearsed answer. Then based on those answers one would be picked and the couple would go out on a blind date. Crass entertainment, essential viewing on Saturday nights. Seeing my three necromancers lined up like this reminded me of the show, don't know why!

From left to right they are Malifaux, Rackham and Enigma figures. These are all metal figures, though Miss Malifaux is sporting a couple of plastic enhancements. Lots of lovely fine detail on the sculpts, from the folds in their robes to tiny bones hanging from belts, finely wrought metal pots, etc. They might not be pretty, but they are well made.

Here's a close-up of the Malifaux Hag, to show the conversion work. It was really easy to do as both metal arms were to be fitted to the figure, so it was a simple task to swap in some new ones. The left forearm is a plastic mantic zombie hand, while the right hand is stolen from the skaven sprue from the Island of Blood Set. I had to chop it down a bit to remove all the ratty doings, then it simply slotted into the armpit.

The skin was painted to match my recently completed ghoul regiment, so she could double as a ghast if need be. The robes I stuck to the natural browns and greens of the other necromancers. One thing I did try was to shade the green skirt with an opposite colour, rather than the usual deeper green. So I mixed up some purple with a hint of the original green as a shade colour, then succesively added in brown to deepen the tones. It adds a nice bit of contrast to the shading and gives it a bit more punch. Notice also that the flames and the light in her eyes is the pale green on the sword/skull sockets of the other figures. This is the colour I chose to denote magic energy. Green energy - well they do recycle old corpses.

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Mattthew Monster said...

So. cool.
Too awesome.
Man, I would love to sit and watch you and the other Brushes United guys paint- I imagine I'd learn a ton (or at least disrupt the unholy ritual you use to summon an infernal daemon to paint for you, which I suspect is actually the case.)
Thanks for sharing as usual!

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