Friday, 2 November 2012

New Forgeworld Dwarfs

Pictures have emerged from the recent French Golden Daemon, showing some Forgeworld dwarf sculpts. Presumably these will be launched along with the upcoming book featuring the bearded ones, greenskins and the Empire (see this post for sketchy details of said book).

The trollslayer looks nice and solid, not scrawny like the metal figures, but what the heck is going on with the neck? The head looks like it is erupting from the chest, chaos dwarf style.

The armoured dwarf is better, though I still think the head could be a little higher on those shoulders. The boar trim on the backpack is intriguing. The armour is superb, highly detailed and streets ahead of the plastic armour quality. Strangely, the beard seems a little flat and dull. The pose too seems a little static. It's better than the trollslayer, but too relaxed for a wargame figure.

Finally, as far as dwarfs are concerned, there's a standard bearer, with the now obligatory pipe and comically oversized banner. Nicely detailed and sculpted it has to be said, but not my cup of tea (or should that be pint of ale).

These are better detailed than the plastics, as you would expect, but I think from the images I have seen to date, I will be buying the Avatars of War dwarfs.

Incidentally, the pictures came from this facebook album, it's well worth flicking through, there are also some night goblins and more monsters in there, including a rather strange monster offering. I don't own monstrous arcanum so have no idea what it is.

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