Friday, 16 November 2012

New Dwarfs from AOW

The first set of  Warcast dwarfs from the Avatars of War Indiegogo project have been released to supporters of the project. It's been a frustrating wait for some, communication from the company can best be described as sporadic, but I think most will forgive and forget when they get their hands on these magnificent bearded fellows. There's also a video of the regiment on their website.

As far as I am aware, these are not yet released to the general public, they are available only to supporters of the project. And yet they are on the website shop, but marked as out of stock. As usual, your guess is as good as mine. I reckon they will become available from independent stockists eventually. The price is 35 euros, which will equate to about £25 in the UK webstores. A couple of years ago my eyes would have watered a little at that, but these days that puts them at about mid market rate. For that price, I reckon they are good value, from what can be seen in this picture at least.

Also released in the more traditional metal is a dwarf champion. As with the regiment, it's in the webstore but marked as unavailable, so I guess that means it's either just for pledgers, or the webstore is to be updated, or something.

It's an interesting time to be a Dwarf collector. There are rumours on Warseer (and I stress the word rumours) that the GW dwarf range is to be radically overhauled, in the same way that the Dark Eldar range was completely redesigned. I find this really hard to believe, the existing dwarf range is far more developed than the Dark Eldar ever were. Whatever the truth of this, it does seem (according to rumour) that dwarfs are nearer the front than the back of the army book queue, though this means little more than they might be released in 2013, more likely 2014. There's also dwarfs to be released by ForgeWorld in the near future. Dwarf players around the world, let the grumbling begin, as you dip into your seldom-opened chest of coins to get your hands on these new-fangled models!

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Minitrol said...

It seems a little unlikely as you say…

Dwarfs represent a real challenge for GW. I actually think AOW range of Dwarfs is far superior in look less of the ridiculous hard edges on the edge of chainmail and better weapon options.

I have real reservations on how they can bring Dwarfs into line with the other 8th edition books AND make them fun for people to play and probably just as important PLAY AGAINST. I don’t see any good solutions so I suspect we will see a large mechanic contraption more anvil options, maybe it will be mounted again, maybe another missile troop and cheaper warriors and only 4 new kits.

They do need to re-do the range it has disparate elements going back 20 years in tone and manufacture and it looks it. But it won't happen. an act of shameless self promotion…

I have a wee competition on my blog…sadly not many uptakes if you’re interested in weaning a wee hobby related craft item please drop me a line here:

I'll answer my favourite 6 questions and the best one judged by my wife (controller of the hobby budget!) will win!

Cheers Minitrol

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