Friday, 7 September 2012

Saxons Invade!

I have finally made a proper start on the Saxon warband. These two boxsets plus a packet of bits from ebay (more bodies and arms) give me over 90 figures to get to work on. My plan is to use the figures to represent several factions, by starting with fairly generic unarmoured troops with spears. Two dozen of these gives me a core set which can be used in several ways.

The first option I am working on is a 7 point Saga Saxon warband, comprising 12 armoured warriors, 24 unarmoured warriors and 12 levy (plus warlord). The second option would be to replace the armoured Saxon warriors and warlord with Anglo Danes. It should also be possible to use the unarmoured troops as vikings, if I ever wanted to go that way.

The longer term goal is to be able to use these figures in a variety of games. Saga is a skirmish game, but I would also like to be able to use them in more traditional unit based wargames. Choosing which ruleset to use is a saga in itself, there are several to choose from, but a vague plan is shaping in my head. The main task at this stage is to ensure that the figures are adaptable. With this in mind, I am basing them on pennies. These are magnetic and so it should be possible to add them to magnetised movement trays at some point in the future. Back in the present, I have already built my first unit of 12 unarmoured troops and am painting them up. More on this soon.

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Bishop Lord said...

Look foward to the photos, As egards to using for two systems Saga and one other Ive done the same the other being Clash of Empires, but Ive gone fro 2p bases as these slighty larger bases seem to be better for Saga. Welcome to the sheild wall


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