Monday, 10 September 2012

Avatars of War release harpies

Avatars of War have released a unit of harpies. Made of Warcast (a mix of plastic and resin I believe), there are five different models. Looking at the product images on the website it seems that the heads are interchangeable, maybe the wings too. For full details, bigger pics and even a video, check out this link to their website.

Obviously these figures could be used by Chaos and Dark Elf players. If I were to buy them, I would get multiple uses out of them. Yes, they could be included in my Chaos army, but my first thought for them was to use them as fell bats. A 40mm base with appropriate terrain/mini diorama, a plastic stand and a magnetised harpie or two, job done. When the bloodsucking tasks were finished, the harpies could be removed and then added to a 25mm base (via the magnet) to perform Chaos duties. Sadly, I am pretty sure they could not be used in my Dwarf or Elf armies, denying me the hat trick!


M R Lee said...

Brilliant.. and don't forget that they can also work as furies then for Daemons of Chaos.. a spot that I will be placing them all too soon..

Thanks for the shout out on this.. great find!

Hobby Horse said...

And that's the hat trick! I painted up a few units for daemons a couple of years back, I use them in my chaos army occasionally, but strictly speaking they are an army in their own right. So, I could use them in three armies.

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