Friday 2 September 2011

Dwarf Rangers painting progress

I am painting the dwarf rangers slowly, a snatched hour here and there. They are still some way off completion, but I thought I would show what I had done so far.

The first step is nearly always armour and metals. These are painted on as chainmail paint, followed by a wash of a mix of black and chestnut ink. Pure black ink is very stark, the chestnut makes it slightly greyer.

The next step is to paint the flesh. I have mixed up a pot of a blend of Tallarn Flesh plus white, for a pale tone. Once this is dry, it gets a wash with a mid brown, the rough equivalent of Ogryn Flesh. I apply this to the whole unit, by the time the last is done, the first is just about dry so I can apply a second coat where heavier shading is needed, basically around the eyes and mouth, in between fingers, etc.

The next stage is to paint in the clothing and leather. For these I have used a variety of fairly muted colours from the coat d'arms range, sticking to chestnut, grey blue, mid grey and dullish greens. The leather bits are just a selection of mid browns, while the boots are a darker brown.

That's all I have managed in the past week or so. The next stage will be a wash on the clothing and leather, to add a little shading and texture. Then it will be time for the beards, after which there will be very little left to do.


Mr Saturday said...

Looking good, the metals are turning out great.

Duarte said...

Appreciate the step-by-step like post on the dwarfs. As I've said before, to my eyes you paint dwarfs like no one else. I really like the "real" colour tones, specially the skin.

What I did with my slayers was basecoat them with Tallarn flesh and then cover them with Dwarf Flesh leaving recesses, highlighting again with Dwarf Flesh after a heavy wash with Ogryn Flesh. While I think it works fine with Slayers, there's not much highlight with this system of colours.

I'm trying to find another highlighting step in orther to paint non-slayers, so they are more pale (for they do not walk under the sun like roaming slayers). Tried Flesh from Coat D'arms, but I think it's too light. Might have to start mixing colours :S.

Anyway, nice update on the bearded folk.

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