Saturday, 30 April 2011

Dribble, Snivel and Grubb

These two night goblin shamen are the default magic users in my army. They are both level 2, one of them has a dispel scroll. This gives me a pretty good magic attack, and a reasonable magical defence phase, for a low cost.

The spells of the Little Waargh are mostly annoying to the enemy rather than game-changing, which is very fitting for goblins when you think about it! In the last game for example, a Vindictive Glare caused 4 wounds on an enemy giant, a Gift of the Spider God gave poisoned attacks to a unit of savage orcs for one turn, Gork Fixed It and cancelled out a couple of chaos warrior attacks, and a Curse of Da Bad Moon killed one chaos warrior. The scroll was used early on to cancel a powerful enemy spell and one of the shamen suffered a wound from a poisoned mushroom. As I said, annoying to the enemy but certainly not game-changing, which is the way I like magic to be.

Dribble is the little guy on the left, he's the shamen from the Battle for Skull Pass set and was painted a couple of years ago, I just took the opportunity to add a highlight to his nose. Snivel is made from a few bits (see the details in this post). He uses the head as a conduit for the raw energy of the Little Waargh.  And Grubb? He's the snotling assistant, he fetches mushrooms from the squig caves, tastes the fungus brew and generally gets all the dirty work that shamen are too clever to do. Both are painted with a very simple style to fit in with the rest of the army, only the faces get more than a single highlight.

I have also painted a night goblin boss, he was half finished and I thought I might as well apply the finishing touches, even though I don't use a boss in my army. He can become the unit champion in the block of spears for the time being. And that's about all I managed this month, a very poor showing. I blame the weather, it's been uncharacteristically fine and sunny and warm in the UK, so outdoor pursuits have taken precedence over painting. I still have a unit of savage orcs to paint, but am lacking the inspiration to do so at the moment.


Tenzing said...

Nice work! Really like the lighting effects and skin tones.

Will be good to see what you do with the rest of the army.

Hobby Horse said...

The rest of the army is mostly painted already, there are some pics on the blog.

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