Thursday, 17 September 2009

A pleasant problem

After buying the Mighty Empires set a couple of weeks ago, I was searching through my cupboard for two free tiles that had been attached to a White Dwarf issue - they were given away when the new set was re-released. I came across an old copy of the game, not complete but with enough bits to use with the current set. More than enough bits. I decided to try my luck on ebay, so on went some of the older Mighty Empires components, plus some Heroquest bits and pieces that had lain hidden for so long (probably about 15 years or more). A week later, they had sold for nearly £90!

That leaves me with a cosy conundrum, a pleasant problem, a cordial quandary (yes, I am running out of alliterations). What do I spend the proceeds on? My first thought was yet more miniatures. I could easily pad out some chaos marines with a rhino, maybe terminators and a defiler, to get an instant "free" army. Then there's the upcoming Space Wolves, they look very tempting, and £90 would get me a codex, a battleforce and more. Again, potentially a good starter army for free!

On the other hand, I could spend the money on something I have pondered for a while - a Realm of Battle gameboard. I have gamed for years on my dining room table, using an old piece of green cloth that I must have bought twenty years ago. Along with a couple of home-made hills and some trees, and a random assortment of buildings bought at gaming shows many years ago, these old stalwarts have seen me through a couple of decades of gaming. Practical and long-lived they are, but maybe it's time to move up to something much more in keeping with my paintstakingly painted armies.

Obviously the £90 windfall doesn't quite stretch to the cost of the gameboard, but I do have some more auctions underway (more discoveries in the hobby cupboard that I had forgotten about). Hopefully they will increase the pot significantly. Maybe next week I will buying a gameboard and a new army! Though, I never did find those two Mighty Empires tiles......

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