Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Pink what?

A new project is slowly forming in my ever expanding to do list. Definitely a first for me, it's a pink army!

I had mixed feelings about the new daemon book. As a long standing chaos player I have always enjoyed the freedom of choice by mixing mortals and daemons and even the odd beast regiment into my armies. Officially, those days are over (though I suspect in my gaming group we will continue to allow daemons into mortal armies, etc). So I was wondering what to do with my few daemon regiments, even contemplating putting them up on ebay. In the end, however, I was rescued from this miserable prospect by a most unlikely person. My wife!

She really likes the new daemonette models and has always had a soft spot for the little guys in the game (snotlings, gnoblars, nurglings and the like). It was her idea that I paint a small daemon army for her, comprising all the lovely pink and lilac models in the army book. That's daemonettes, fiends and nurglings. Nurglings? They should be green shouldn't they? Not any more. I will also be able to add my already painted horrors and screamers, and I should be able to make something out of my old school fiends. Throw in a suitable herald of Slaanesh and a pink and blue army is born. It will be roughly 1000 points, but I can add some Khorne troops to it if I want to use it for my usual 1500 point games. In fact, I might even be tempted to add a Keeper of Secrets for the occasional 2000 pointer. I just need to find some space in my glass cabinet.

EDIT: Project cancelled!

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