Sunday, 13 July 2008

Introducing.....the night goblins

As this blog develops, I will slowly be posting pictures and ramblings on all my armies (there's about six or seven of them, last time I counted at least). Here's one of the smallest and most pathetic of the bunch, the night goblins. Well, here's the latest addition to the "horde", the army standard bearer. There's more pictures of the army on my website.

The army started out as an obvious opponent to my dwarf army and was originally based around the contents from the Battle for Skull Pass box set. It's expanded as time has gone by, as these projects tend to grow organically and in fits and starts, depending on what I feel like painting at any one time (and which models I can pick up cheaply on ebay). There's a good 500 points of painted night goblins, with another couple of units based and ready for paint. It will make a nice little 1000 point army at some stage, or as support units in a bigger greenskin army.

1 comment:

Black Bard said...

I love this conversion! Hope you don't mind, but I may have to poach this idea for my own army!!!

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