Thursday, 23 August 2018

More Mordor Orcs

I have recently been feeling a little frustrated at a lack of progress in my painting. I just don't seem to get much finished. There's plenty of half-painted figures around, but I wanted something quick and easy to do. I decided that Mordor orcs are about the fastest thing I can paint to completion so dug a handful of those out of the cupboard. I had almost sold these at one point, convinced I would never come back to them because I already have enough orcs for the type of games I play. But with the recent announcement on a Lord of the Rings starter box, they were in my mind, so I thought what the heck, you can never have too many maggots to throw at the enemy.

A while back* I wrote a tutorial on speed painting Mordor orcs, which proved useful to me here. I made a few tweaks this time around, priming a brown to hopefully speed the process, which did seem to work.

If you look closely you will see that there are a few variations in the unit. These are basic head and weapons swaps, but also the addition of a few extra bits from the Oathmark goblins set. Anything to try to avoid the cloned look of single pose figures.

After three or four painting sessions, the orcs were complete. They are not prize winning paint jobs by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, they are little more than base coat and wash. But they are fifteen figures that were unpainted, now painted to add to my tally. And that's a good feeling after recent hobby apathy.

Lumping all the Mordor orcs together there's around fifty of the maggots now. With all my other orcs, there's at least a hundred of them painted and ready to battle. There's a certain quality to be had in a large quantity of troops.

*May 2013 in fact, more than five years ago - where do those years go?


fireymonkeyboy said...

Saw these on FB, but nice to hear the backstory. I think hobby doldrums come to all of us, but they pass in time - get some games in, I find that often helps.

Paul Liddle said...

Nice effective conversions that fit in very well with your existing collection. I bet Sauron would say "you can never have too many maggots to throw at the enemy".

Herbert West said...

Simple and effective. I'll be getting the new box so might use some of this on my old Mordor orcs and the new morannon ones.

Steven Williams said...

Your paint job brings two distinct ranges into one cohesive whole - excellent work! Saturday is the first time I’ll have preordered something from GW for a very long time.

Paul Whittaker said...

Thanks guys. Looking forward to seeing more Lord of the Rings around the web, hopefully it's here to stay and more of the old range is re-released. May well be getting reinforcements for xmas :)

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