Saturday, 15 April 2017

Durgin Forge Dwarf Review

I have been hunting around for a suitable model to become thane of my Oakenheim force - and I think I have found him. This is a resin figure from Durgin Paint Forge, a small company making high quality resin figures at reasonable prices.

I first came across them on kickstarter - they are currently running a project to launch a whole range of dwarfs, which obviously caught my eye. I was wowed by the renders, but wanted to know what kind of resin they used, so I shot a message to the owner to ask him. A few days later, he had sent me a sample figure for my perusal!

This is a real beauty of a dwarf. The sculpt is first class, the pose is natural looking and the fine details defy the power of my camera. On the shoulder pads are some extremely fine inscribed details. On the axe head too. You will have to wait until I have painted it to really appreciate the mind-blowing quality of the detail.

The quality of the resin is top notch too. I could not find a single bubble anywhere. Very few resin models can make that claim. The mould lines were so fine they would probably be covered by primer, though I removed them with a craft knife anyway. I have not been this impressed by a model for a long time.

I have been collecting and painting for 25 years (blimey, how did that happen?!?) and can safely say this is one of the best models I have ever seen. Full disclosure - it was a free sample - but that aside I would still highly recommend it. A worthy thane for anyone's collection.


Matt Crump said...

Another nice dwarf 😀

Old Fogey said...

Do I detect a growing love for dwarfs there?

benvoliothefirst said...

I like it except for the moustache caps that look like he's got a double-ended dildo jammed through his septum.

...What? Just me?

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