Monday, 20 March 2017

Viking board game

I spotted this on the Saga facebook page. It's a board game based on the viking invasions of England in the ninth century. If you have been watching the vikings series on TV it seems very close to that story. Rather than me waffle on about the game, go take a look for yourself.

As usual with kickstarter projects you have to do your own research. This company have already completed several kickstarters, so there should be minimal risk. I have backed several kickstarters and had very few problems. Most are a bit later than advertised, and one I was a little disappointed with the colour renditions, but on the whole I have been very happy with my buys. I have never dealt with this company but they seem to have a reputable track record. There's an early bird pledge saving $5 that lasts for a few more hours of today. It's not much to save but hey, every florin counts.

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