Tuesday 13 September 2016

Gunnar Gunnarson the Brave

Dwarf Captain Gunnar Gunnarson, ready to lead his troops into battle. I chose the name as a bit of a joke, but looking up Gunnar on wikipedia - it means fighter, soldier or attacker, but is mostly referred to by a viking saying which means brave and bold warrior. Rather coincidentally, I had based the colour palette on a character from the Disney film Brave.

This is a metal figure from the early 2000's I think, it was one of a handful of thanes released at the time. It was quite hard to paint, the face is mostly obscured by the beard and eye patch. In fact, it's pretty much a beard on legs from the front.

I decided on a ginger beard, then painted the cloak a contrasting green. However, for some reason the model says "Scottish" to me, so I added a tartan pattern to the cloak. I searched far and wide for tartan patterns before finally settling for the style worn in the film Brave. I started with the green background, then painted on yellow vertical and horizontal strips. Where the stripes intersected, I painted a little orange square or blob. Then I shaded the cloak with a few glazes of browns and orange.

Here Gunnar the Brave stands grumbling at the unpainted state of his unit, which have been this way since April. Hopefully this situation will be rectified in the near future. In the shorter term, I will soon be on holiday in Britain, so will be taking along some hobby material for those inevitable rainy days. I have quite a few plastic bits that I want to kitbash together to make dwarf warriors, having never been satisfied with the standard models. I want to build a unit of twelve warriors to add to my force - in reality it will probably be a couple of metal figures as leaders and then ten plastic kitbashes. Hopefully I will have made significant progress by the end of the month.

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