Saturday, 19 December 2015

Another Game of Fantastic Saga

For our third game of Fantastic Saga, it was a real treat to dig up my Undead army. I have been painting it sporadically over the past two or three years so was very happy to take them round to Matt's dungeon for a game against his pesky elves. Once again we played a Rampant scenario, each army started in opposite corners and had to get as many units into the enemy zone as possible. Most of my troops are multi-based, so we had to use dice as wound counters, but we managed to get by.

The Undead move slowly, but there are a few abilities that allow extra movement, so the whole army managed to get to the middle of the board en masse. The elves were slower and far less shooty than I expected. A treeman lumbered through the trees (obviously) and I fully expected my unit of zombies to be mulch, but somehow they survived a couple of rounds of combat. The necromancer brought a few back to life and eventually they unexpectedly overpowered the behemoth. There was no victory cheer, just a satisfied groaning noise in the forest. Ghouls tussled indecisively with swordmasters, archers fired ineffectively at skeletons.

The hour was getting late as the banshee stirred in the graveyard. The high pitched scream had little effect on elven pointy ears, but in combat it turned out to be quite a monster, easily the equal of a unit of swordmasters. As midnight approached, the elves suddenly galvanised and an eagle swooped into combat with the vampire countess. With average dice rolling it would have been an equal match, but a string of 1's and 2's had the fiend on the floor, clutching at her gashed throat. The undead slunk away into the night while the elves searched in vain for the body of the vampire, ominous laughter echoing in the distant graveyard.

All in all it was a good game, we probably should have started on a smaller board, and maybe we need some house rule for 10 point games to allow more Saga dice, but I certainly enjoyed it and look forward to trying out more of the undead troop choices.

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