Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Khorne Standard Bearer

Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the skull, er, vest. Well it is a bit chilly running around in the frozen wastes with your top off.

I finally got round to finishing this fine specimen of berserk warrior. The engineering on these plasic figures is still quite amazing to me. The down side to all this lovely detail is that it takes a while to paint up, but it's worth the effort. The colours are the usual suspects of red and brass, with the slightly unusual blonde braids - my thinking was that these warriors are obviously spiky vikings, so it seemed sensible at the time. The trophy braid hanging from the standard belonged to the previous incumbent, a grim reminder of the fleeting glory to Khorne's warriors.

With the five previously painted warriors, that gives me enough for a unit in a Dragon Rampant force. There's just the leader to do to complete the armoured contingent of the boxset, then on to the marauders. I am still aiming to have the whole chaos force completed in time for xmas, though the addition of the dwarfs to my painting list has slowed things a little. But I am reasonably confident at this stage that I can get the job done.


Stygianheart said...

They look absolutely amazing! Love the the deep, rich red.

I'm glad I'm not the only one square basing these gorgeous miniatures.

They're going to take so much work out of my Khorne Warriors of Chaos for WHFB. I was having a problem trying to source enough Khornate helmets to use on the standard warrior kit.

Matt Crump said...

Now how does he fight with that big thing ....perhaps he just drops it on the enemies heads ?

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