Sunday, 6 September 2015

Dwarf Invasion

In the past few months I seem to have acquired more and more Warhammer Fantasy figures, just as the game was taking it's final few breaths before being snuffed out forever. I picked up some metal archers and spearmen for my elf army, figures I had been hunting on ebay for years. And then I picked up the chaos section of the Age of Sigmar starter set and am busily painting those figures as my current project. But both those acquisitions have been dwarfed by this, my latest forum purchase. A complete Dwarf army!

My existing Dwarf army sees little action, in fact I have not played Warhammer for over a year. I had switched my attention to a Lord of the Rings dwarf force, to play in Saga or Dragon Rampant. And yet, when I discovered this lot for sale, I had to have it. It contains a mix of old metals, more recent plastics and some resin figures, plus lots of scenic elements, including a huge dwarf statue which will just have to be incorporated in to some kind of terrain piece. In truth, I have little idea as yet what to do with the horde, just a few vague ideas. I want to get the chaos forces painted up before I get distracted, but I could well make a start on these before the month is out. Of course, that's the time I expect to have received the Blood Rage game, with dozens of vikings being added to Mount Unpainted. And I have a few steampunk figures to paint too. Plenty to keep me occupied as the days grow shorter and we look forward(?) to the winter months.

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Killshot Productions said...

Nice haul, I'll be watching with interest for this army to unfold.

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