Friday, 10 July 2015

Mierce Miniatures Metal Mayhem!

Mierce Miniatures have a kickstarter running, to produce some of their figures in metal. They certainly do produce top quality sculpts - arguably the finest in the industry. They are aimed squarely at the premium end of the market, with matching premium prices. I have always admired the Darklands range, but being a frugal type of chap, have resisted their merchandise on account of the cost. However, these days I am more likely to play skirmish gaming and don't mind paying a little extra if I think the quality matches the price. These offers certainly have me tempted. I have selected my three favourite hosts in the pictures below, but there are plenty of different styles on offer. If you baulk at the price but would like to show them support, they are offering drinking companions at £10 a figure - about the price of a round of drinks for you and a couple of mates. If, for some reason, you are looking for a new fantasy world to game in, or fancy painting up some top quality figures, take a look. Here's a link to the kickstarter project, there's just a few days remaining.

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