Sunday, 28 December 2014

Xmas Goodies

This year, I wanted to have some hobby goodies to enjoy on xmas day, so I stashed away a couple of recent ebay purchases for just that purpose. These books are the latest additions to my growing library of rules that I have never actually played (I will get round to it one day). The Saga blister contains an Anglo Saxon warlord and was a gift from gaming buddy Matt.

The Raven rules were a complete surprise discovery posted on a forum. I thought I was familiar with pretty much every set of fantasy rules available as I have spent a fair amount of time researching alternatives to WHFB, but obviously I was wrong. In my defence, they were written nearly twenty years ago and never took off in the public imagination. I did find a couple of reviews, explaining how they were quite possibly the worst rules ever written. Naturally, this intrigued me and I bought them. Having flicked through, they are badly written, but there's a nice old school vibe to the artwork and I'm sure I can find some little nuggets in there somewhere.

The Godslayer rules are quite the opposite, a product of the recent cult of kickstarter. The slip folder contains two books, one a lavish background product and the other a rulebook. Again I have only had a brief flick through, but already I can see it's a beautiful production, one that I am looking forward to getting to know in the new year. I will give more detailed overviews in the new year.

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