Saturday, 11 October 2014

A fistful of uruk hai

Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy?
In preparation for an upcoming large War of the Ring battle, I have been painting a few uruk hai. These five are to be added to my existing three to make a unit big enough for the game. I realise the central figure has far too many clothes to be a berserker, but he does wield a decapitated head, so it's close enough. Note the white hand markings and the war paint, just to break up the large areas of flesh.

We're all the same inside
As you can see from this photo, the skin of the original three is a little lighter than the new additions. I didn't write down my original paint recipe, they were quite bright orange to start with, so I have glazed them with with chestnut and black to make them more equal. They are not exactly the same, but I reckon Saruman is an equal opportunities employer and won't be too upset.

Of course I'm in charge, I have the biggest hat and pointiest finger
I also painted up this ballista, which I was lucky enough to pick up quite cheaply in an ebay job lot. It's missing a couple of bits and a crew member, but a little improvisation with a plastic figure did the trick. I think I overdid the rust and toned it down with some purple glazing. In truth, it's a bit rushed, but certainly serviceable for tabletop gaming.

The main "engineer" is a nice sculpt, I will probably use him as a character in games when the ballista is not in action. The same goes for the clothed berseker, so the rapid painting session has yielded two characters to add to my uruk hai collection.

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