Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Minion Miniatures Upcoming Kickstarter

Things are pretty quiet at the moment, I am going through a little hobby fatigue, not getting much painting or gaming done. I have plenty on my to do list for both these areas: piles of unpainted plastic and metal, plus a small bookshelf of rules to study. And yet none of them appeal....

......obviously the remedy is to go look for even more projects. I spotted this thread on the dakka dakka forum, about an upcoming kickstarter for fantasy miniatures and rules. More minis, more rules, perfect!

Minion Miniatures are a new company hoping to make 28mm fantasy miniatures - there's plenty of information on their facebook page. At the moment there are just concept sketches to view. There are so many companies about that produce fantasy figures, what's so special about these guys? It's a personal taste thing, but these strike me as a little bit different, slightly more original than many of  the clones around. The thing that really caught my attention was their intention to produce some of the range in hard plastics, using Renedra, the company who used to produce for Games Workshop and now do so for Perry Miniatures. Another bonus for me is that they are developing a set of fantasy skirmish rules. Why is that a big deal? Well, you try naming decent rulesets for fantasy small battles, say about 30 or 40 figures a side. It's surprising but it seems to be a niche that nobody is filling.

An appealing aesthetic, a proven manufacturer and a set of rules that will be available to download before the kickstarter are three great plus points. I am really looking forward to more information and am impatiently waiting for pictures of the sculpts. We all know that concept art is not necessarily an indication of the quality of the product, so must wait for more sneak peeks and the launch of the project, potentially in a couple of months. If you like the concepts, check out the facebook page or dakka thread for much more information. Minion Miniatures are actively asking for customer feedback of their design stages, so if you have some brilliant idea for the next big thing in fantasy gaming, let them know.

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