Thursday, 20 February 2014

Foundry Dwarfs

Dwarfs are flavour of the month, so I have been scouting around the old mines and came across these few stragglers. I must have picked them up at a show about 10 years ago, the painted example led my dwarfs into battle when I first started a Warhammer Dwarf army. They are quite rotund, even for dwarfs, which is probably why I used just the one figure. He just about fits on to a 20mm square base, but the others would be almost impossible to rank up.

I knew that they were Foundry dwarfs because I have a couple more still in their blisters, marked as prototypes. However, I could not find them on the Foundry website, so I had to do a little further digging. The excellent stunties website (a must view for all dwarf fans) came up with the answer, they are indeed Foundry Norse Dwarfs and Foundry Swashbuckler Dwarfs. I have no idea if they are still in production.

What to do with them? I don't think they would fit into my warhammer army. They are similar to some of the old school metals, and my army does include metal longbeards and ironbreakers, but the Foundry figures are bulkier and slightly more whimsical. In fact, they remind me of a children's TV program I can just about remember, Michael Bentine's Potty Time! Maybe I could put them to use in a skirmish game, there are plenty around and it might give me the impetus to paint up some of the oddments in my collection, like these stout little chaps. But with all my energy going into Saga and Lord of the Rings, I should really just put them back into a dark corner somewhere, to prevent distraction.

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