Sunday, 14 October 2012

Saxon Warband Part 2

Here's the next phase of my Saxon warband for Saga completed. These are the elite troops in my warband, made from Gripping Beast plastic saxon thegns.

As with the unarmoured warriors, the main feature of the model is the shield. I have mostly stuck with crosses and simple variations, with a few squiggles to suggest more elaborate markings. I am quite pleased with the way they turned out, as freehand is not my strong suit, but it's getting better as I work through more and more shields. My next job for the warband is the warlord and I will be testing my shield-painting efforts to the limit.

Here is the warband as it will appear in game. Two units of six hearthguard and a unit of twelve warriors. That's four and a half points to date. Another unit of twelve warriors will make it up to the full six points. I would like to add some levie troops for flexibility in army choice, but I am trying to play without at the moment as I want to maximise the larger units and shield wall aspects of the Saxons in battle.


redmanphill said...

These look great, I can't wait to get my Warband together.

redmanphill said...

These look great, I can't wait to get some progress made on my SAGA warband. Not sure which faction to go for first, maybe the Anglo Danes.

Minitrol said...

You suck ; ).

Wait, that came out wrong, I mean these are awesome and I love the freehand.

I reckon you good do some light scratches on the shields. There's an excellent tutorial for ideas on the Gorgon Studio site:

Hobby Horse said...

Cheers for the comments guys.

Anglo Danes and Anglo Saxons are very similar, I will almost certainly paint up a unit or two armed with Dane axes to be able to swap to them for variety in gaming.

On the shields, I might try some rips rather than scratches, the shields were leather stretched across wood, not something that would scratch like metal I reckon.

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