Thursday, 2 August 2012

My Glass Cabinet

Here's a few pictures to show the current contents of my glass cabinet. The top shelf contains my old high elf army, started back in the 1990's as you can see from the single pose plastics, green bases and even a pegasus. There's also a few oddments in there, on the right, the tester units of an abandoned Empire army.

The second shelf contains some single figures, a few from way back right up to my current Studio McVey effort. There's plenty of space to add to this shelf.

The third and fifth shelves contain most of my chaos collection, some still paint in progress, some needing a base to be finished off.

Finally, the fourth shelf contains my dwarf army, with space for even more beardy bodies.

Not shown are my orc and goblins army, wood elf army, vampire counts army, my 40k collection (orks and chaos marines) and Battle of Five Armies collection. I really need to get out more.

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